Electrical power systems present the basic infrastructure of the modern world. Monumental in dimensions they allow the reach of electricity to literally every home and enable the overall industry production of the modern world. We offer a great variety of consulting services in the field of power system analysis and electrical engineering while always keeping our clients' needs a priority.

Uprise specializes in providing effective and customized solutions for a variety of problems, spreading from power system analysis to market predictions and utilization. The main goal of Uprise consultancy team is to offer a modern and holistic solution to the problem, in order to adequately answer on the increased complexity of the overall system design and customer needs. Main areas of expertise are:

  • Power system analysis – power grid connection design, contingency analysis, power system dynamics and stability analysis
  • Capacity calculation – NTC and flow-based oriented
  • Frequency restoration – technology and market possibilities
  • Flexibility areas – demand side response, energy storage utilization
  • Network codes and regulatory fields – EU Network codes, national legislatives