*Energy & Power systems

We analyse systems and build useful tools and solutions

Software development icon Consultancy

Having worked closely with some of the biggest European electrical energy organizations for some time now, we have gained vast experience assisting numerous transmission system operators in handling their activities. With modern world practically being made of electrical power, homes and industries depend on it being available, safe and stable at all times.

Uprise provides effective, customized solutions for a wide scope of issues ranging from power system analysis to market predictions and utilization. Power system designs are getting increasingly complex. We manage to solve these complexities with modern, holistic, client-centric approach. This is what we excel at:

Ø Cross-border capacity calculation
 -  NTC and flow-based
Ø Electricity markets
 -  market analysis, system adequacy
Ø Power system design
 -  power grid connection design, system frequency restoration and reserve dimensioning
Ø EU legislation
 -  Network codes (CACM, SOGL, CEP) and methodologies (ROSC, CC)

Products icon Products

We offer much more than just consultancy since we always try to follow the approach of proof of concept through rapid prototyping and later product development. We successfully develop and implement various specialized tools used in the energy sector: frequency reporting tools, capacity calculation tools with integration of remedial action optimization and other custom-made solutions.

Uprise understands the complexity of power systems and their market.