An interactive Hologram for the promotion of Croatian culture


The theme of the project is LACE as a Croatian cultural heritage contextualized in modern technological interpretation as an interactive hologram. The idea has been conceived as a floating lace structure generated by holographic projection, software-sensitized to the movements of the observer's hands. According to the movement structure is changing, dissolving and re-shaping while manipulating some characteristic Croatian lace motifs from complete abstraction to recognizable shapes.


3D animated series for children


The animated series "Cubos" focuses on three main characters: a cow Moo, a bear Bee and a bunny Doo living in a square world where every character and object is at right angles, and we follow how they handle everyday situations under these strange and silly rules. The series is conceived as a non - dialogic comedy focusing on physical humor, where constantly occur various simple pranks through the successes and failures of wacky characters.


Moo "Happy puppy" A happy, sweet and hyperactive cow of a curious spirit and prone to various adventures. Good and loyal friend, but sometimes can be boring ofexcessive hyperactivity and goodness. She always goes head first through the wall and she can often be persuaded by certain pranks.

Bee "Evil genius" The smartest teddy bear who easily solves problems and challenges that come his way. The leader of the Cubos gang. But he is best described as the 'ultimate prankster' and an opportunist who constantly makes some small devilment at the expense of his friends and always use them to get to his plan.

Doo "Dr. stupid and mr. anger" At one moment, silly and quiet bunny who is always there for friends but doesn't do anything special, just stands and stares silently until he is told what to do. At the second moment (when a certain accident happens to him or when he is overrun by too much pranks) the bunny changes character completely and becomes a complete aggressor who wants to physically deal with everyone. Fortunately, this does not take too long, as he quickly calms down and returns to a quiet goofy looking bunny again.