*Software Engineering

On a mission to build exactly what you need.

Software development icon Software development

We develop and deliver cutting-edge software products. The team is technically flawless, our developers simply know their stuff. The customer is at the centre and that is not an empty phrase. Fulfilling your business needs is what we are about. Uprise is flexible and nurtures solution-forward thinking backed up with the latest technological advancements like machine learning and cloud-based development.

Projects are approached individually from ideation to completion. The client is always included. In an agile environment creative minds are put together to produce top-notch scalable software that achieves business goals. And that is exactly what we deliver.

We develop software for a range of applications, from energy and fintech to art and education. That means we are versatile and adaptable. And that in turn means our clients can trust us. The approach is test-driven, communication is constant on all project levels, and final products match the level of quality expected of us.

List of technologies we use:

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Software testing icon Quality assurance & software testing

We meet the highest standards. We plan with care and meticulously implement the procedures required to achieve that goal. Each time. Uprise QA and testing procedure includes module testing, functional testing, integration testing, system testing, usability testing, performance testing, etc. To sum it up, we leave no piece of code unturned and no bug ignored.

Maintenance & support icon Maintenance & support

We deliver and then we stay there for you. Round-the-clock support will ensure all your needs are met and the product continues to perform according to specifications. We face the changing technical and business environment together, to help you and your software adapt and excel.

Software testing icon System integration

Projects grow in size and demand. And so does accompanying software.

Our system integration practices will prevent you from losing opportunities because of decreased efficiency and productivity.

The key is in successfully integrating all sub-systems into a single, fully functioning system. That makes it easy to keep track of data and for all elements to function together and supplement each other. The result is better decision-making that reduces operational costs and ultimately enables business growth. Make system integration a priority, not an afterthought.

Software testing icon Digital transformation

Technology and its benefits are constantly reshaping our business realities. But one thing remains constant - companies care for customer satisfaction. Ditching analogue and embracing digital practices leads to faster, more efficient employee communication, better audience reach, reduced cost of business, higher customer accessibility, easier collection of data and many other benefits. The goal is to connect your employees, data and customers. We build roadmaps to painless digital transformations and help you optimize your business.