*Testing & Quality Assurance

The best possible quality of the product is an important factor for Uprise and represents what we strive for at our company.

To ensure the stated objective, we are strongly focused on detailed design and implementation of the software testing phase, in which we regularly include our customers to optimize the overall process. The main aim of the testing activity is to make sure that the actual results of the delivered software systems match the expected ones, as well as customer expectations.

We detect errors, bugs, gaps or missing requirements, thus identifying all possible defects in order to fix them. Since software bugs and errors sometimes tend to be dangerous for either end-users or the owners and can cause monetary, economic or even human loss, we consider software testing to be one of the most important parts of software development that has to be executed properly. For this purpose, we have also internally developed an automated testing method based on bots and use of AI, that aims on thorough testing of products, thus covering both – functional and non-functional aspects of the developed software.

Aspiring for progress and excellence, Uprise specializes in this department and aims not only at finding defects, but also identifying measures and solutions to improve the software in the sense of efficiency, performance, accuracy and usability.